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Welcome to Four Seasons Legacy Bologna’s official page

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4Seasons is an idea born in front to a “Cotoletta alla Bolognese” from Lorenzo Andalò (Anda) and Andrea Gabellini, both players from Bologna’s Legacy Community.
Finally a circuit of events about your favorite card game, in Bologna!

For a long time in our city organized play, there was the lack of a legacy event outside of city leagues, which took place in Bologna and that was able to gather players from many parts of Italy.

The aim is precisely to introduce a series of sanctioned events, different from the city leagues, of the most beautiful card game in the world: Magic the Gathering and expecially of the format that we all love: Legacy!

The circuit will consist of four events a year, on a quarterly basis and more precisely, as the name suggests, on a seasonal basis.

Each event will be offered rich guaranteed prizes that will be increased as the number of players increases and ALWAYS putting everything into prizes.

In addition to the beloved Legacy format, each seasonal event will also offer Main Event of other formats including the Modern.

Write us for further informations.